The Ship
in the  Caribbean with the AMBASSADOR

Detect the full beauty of the islands  water. Swim in beautiful beaches and go snorkeling to experience the beauty of the world under.


Come and sail with the AMBASSADOR. Dip into the Caribbean adventure.

You can relax and breathe the fresh Caribbean breeze on this comfortable 15 meter yacht. Sail with a  professional Skipper who knows the sea and can take you on the most memorable journey. You will get a personalize tour of the island and experience natures little secrets. Lay under the coconut trees, having your dream come true while drinking a fresh coconut. Get a taste of the Caribbean way of life by  experiencing their culture, food , and music.
Take the Plunge the AMBASSADOR awaits you.

Ambassador - Sailing holidays - in the Caribbean.
Pure air.. Pure water.. Pure fun.. Relaxing onboard, sailing into the wind,
swimming in crystal blue water, snorkeling hidden reefs,
sunning on beautiful beaches and . . .

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